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Intelligent automation for your Online Business


Email Marketing that engages your subscribers and increases your sales. 

The top 3 traffic sources driving sales for eCommerce sites are Organic (22%), Email (20%), and CPC (19%).

Source: Custora.


Do you have an online store and want to boost your sales?

  • Do you still use Mailchimp?

  • Do you use Klaviyo, Active Campaign or similar, but you don't get the full potential out of it?

  • Discounts are NOT your main email conversion strategy, nor do you want them to be?

  • Do you have some cool brand values but you don't really know how to take advantage of them via email?

  • Do you only do one newsletter per week or less?

  • Don't know what to talk about in your emails so as not to be annoying?

  • Are you looking for a brain to help you create and direct your Email Marketing strategy?

If you've gotten this far and all your answers were "no," this probably isn't what you're looking for. However, if you answered "yes" to any of the questions, then we can help you.


Why should you invest in the email marketing channel?

Channel diversification

Today, the diversification of online promotion channels is absolutely necessary. Email marketing done well is a very powerful medium-long term sales lever that complements your marketing channels.Paid Ads


Email marketing can begin to generate between 20 and 30% of global online turnover from the second year onwards, so a well-developed subscriber list over time becomes an asset that increases in value.

Brand value

You want your users to know your brand, not only for your products but for the way you create them and bring them to market.


I accompany you and become the thinking brain you need

We accompany you in your strategy. We are one more on your team. We become your thinking brain for your Email Marketing strategy. We train your team. We work with you as a team and all the know-how stays in your company. 

Storytelling of your brand

Educating the consumer about what goes beyond your product is a sure value. Communicate the personality of your brand, your values, and your competitive difference through what you tell your customer in each email.


Thetriggers and strategic segments are the key to delivering high value in each email. Email marketing tools specific to e-commerce, such as Klaviyo, Active Campaigning and others similar, are great for this. Get the most out of your Email Marketing tool.

Good practices

Optimize both the design and delivery of your emails following good practices. Increases thedeliverability of your emails.

The 3 C's

Send valuable emails with cinstance, consistence and coherence.


What can we do for you?

We know that there are months when you may need us more or less. We are flexible and adapt to what you need at every moment of the year. We work with you on monthly objectives and review metrics to make continuous iterations.

Management of your Email Marketing tool
  • Migration to a CRM and/or Email Marketing tool like Klaviyo, Active Camping, Hubspot or similar
  • Installation and integration with your online store
  • Page configuration, sign-up forms, strategic segments and automated flows
Communication strategy through Email Marketing
  • We study your brand and develop a communication strategy through Newsletters that constantly reflect your brand values, personality and differentiation

  • We help you deliver maximum value to your subscribers in all your emails

Strategies to get more and better quality subscribers
  • We design campaigns to attract viral users using UpViral, respecting and enhancing the values of your brand. We start it up and monitor it.

  • We propose actions to qualify your subscriber base

Guidance on your global digital strategy
  • More than 10 years of experience in technology companies in strategy and business model design.


Let's talk!

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